National Thought Leadership Series Luncheon

National Thought Leadership Series Luncheon

Strengthening Australia’s Creaking Infrastructure
47 billion reasons why a national approach is overdue
Keynote Speaker
Jeff Roorda, General Manager, Jeff Roorda & Associates (A TechnologyOne company).



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A national approach to strengthening the state of Australia’s Infrastructure is essential.

“Our research has confirmed that the way assets are currently managed in Australia is unsustainable. We need a coherent, national strategy across all levels of government, and to work together with the private sector to develop a consistent approach to infrastructure management that will meet the needs of our nation well into the future.”
Jeff Roorda, JRA (A TechnologyOne company).
indings from 2015 State of the Assets Report suggest that Australia’s ageing infrastructure networks are facing significant challenge to remain effective.

  • 11% of Australia’s assets managed by local government– worth approximately $47 billion – are in ‘poor condition’.
  • 7% are ‘poor functioning’ – meaning they offer insufficient capacity or usefulness.

Join IPWEA and Jeff Roorda, GM, JRA (A TechnologyOne company) to explore key report findings and the concept of a national infrastructure strategy to alleviate Australia’s infrastructure challenges. Jeff will talk about the importance of good systems to manage asset information and the role of robust decision support systems to underpin a national infrastructure strategy.

Keynote address and panellist topic will canvass:

  • Aligning infrastructure plans across all levels of government
  • Standardising nationwide asset management systems and processes
  • Moving towards a national funding model that will address social inequity by improving ‘disability factors for distribution,’ criteria, and balancing user-pays and tax-based funding models
  • Creating a paradigm shift in how we address the infrastructure funding dichotomy

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