Asset Management Services

Backed by more than 35 years in the industry, Odysseus-imc is proud to be among the top Melbourne asset management companies. We are also able to offer our services to businesses across Australia, New Zealand and other international countries.

Our team offers expert asset management consulting services to clients across various industries, including state government, local councils, water and power, parks and recreation, transport, health, and education. In each case, we assist the organisation in improving their AM capabilities while delivering enhanced services to their clients.

Our asset management services include:

  • AM frameworks and plans
  • Strategy development
  • Condition inspections and assessments
  • Asset valuations
  • Government AM
  • Improvement planning
  • Infrastructure management
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Maintenance management
  • Risk management
  • Utility consulting
  • Business process reviews
  • Due diligence

Our consultants partner with your organisation to develop a strategic approach that addresses gaps in current practices for asset management. Melbourne based, we have helped clients from across the country improve their AM practices within a predetermined timeframe.

We offer support for organisations throughout the AM improvement process, an approach which has helped us form long-lasting relationships with many of our past clients. Our asset management consulting services are designed to help you improve your AM for the benefit of your business, your consumers, and the community.

To utilise the expertise of the very best in Melbourne asset management companies, contact Odysseus-imc today.