Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is the continuous or periodic quantitative and qualitative assessments of the asset’s performance compared with specific objectives, targets or standards. The measurement of performance provides:

  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Assistance in strategic-decision making
  • Accountability to customers
  • Measurement of actual against desired level of service
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of maintenance programmes

An asset’s performance should identify and measure parameters associated with the following potential failure modes:

  • Capacity or utilisation
  • Levels of service
  • Condition or mortality
  • Lifecycle cost

However, business level performance indicators do not always provide the full picture regarding the condition or performance of the assets. Therefore information should be available on the:

  • Types of failure
  • Number of customers affected
  • Duration of the failure
  • Severity of the failure
  • Target level of service