Levels of Service

Levels of Service

Levels of Service provide the basis for the life cycle management strategies and works programmes. Levels of service are refined over a period of time to manage the expectation of customers. This requires a clear understanding of customer needs, expectations, preferences and their willingness to pay for any increase in the levels of service.

Levels of Service are used to:

  • Inform customers of the proposed type and level of service to be offered
  • Identify the costs and benefits of the services offered
  • Enable customers to assess suitability, affordability and equity of the services offered
  • Measure the effectiveness of the service
  • Focus asset management strategies to deliver the agreed level of service

There are two types of service levels being:

  • Community based
  • Technical based

Community based service levels articulate to the community the service being provided. They deal with the what, when and where.

Technical based service levels are used internally to measure service delivery. They deal with the how. Both types of service levels are supported by intervention levels which identify the actions required to maintain the service delivery.

Intervention levels are then adopted to support the technical levels of service.