New – ActivityMark

New – ActivityMark

Recently released, testing is now complete – new to the industry, “ActivityMark”, the latest benchmarking tool on your android device. Benchmark your maintenance or the maintenance being done by your contractors against the standards. Feel comfortable in the knowledge that your maintenance is compliant or even above standard.

If you wish to benchmark you or your contractors maintenance against the standards then this is the app for you. Behind “ActivityMark” is a knowledgebase of typical assets with their maintenance and frequencies.

By entering the required data “ActivityMark” will compare the data with our knowledgebase and score the maintenance against the standards.

The portability of the app means you can use it in the office or in the field. The functionality and portability of the application is its strength being able to finish what would normally be days of work with ease. Reduce your project time by days or even weeks allowing you to respond to your client rapidly and providing the opportunity to procure even more work.

Pay for the cost of a licence in your first project. Initially for Android phones and tablets. Coming soon for iphones and ipads.

Cost: $1,000 excl. GST per licence.

Alternative Cost: $20,000 excl. GST for a site licence.

Maintenance cost: $1,000 per user includes free upgrades of knowledgebase.