Condition Assessments

Condition Assessments

Condition assessments are used as a guide to the performance of infrastructure and to indicate the required treatment to improve the asset’s condition / performance.

Condition assessments can be either quantitative or qualitative. A quantitative approach allows a user to record a rating or number of ratings against the asset. This information is then used for identifying the timing of future works. A condition rating is usually assigned to one or more distress modes depending on the asset type. A qualitative approach provides a descriptive assessment of condition. In this instance a condition rating is not assigned to the asset. The description is used as a basis for identifying the type of work to be undertaken in the short term.

The approach taken will be dependent on:

  • The importance of the asset
  • The use of the information
  • Available funding to undertake the assessment and
  • Accessibility to the asset

The condition of an asset is inherently linked to its remaining life and the probabilityof the asset failing. Hence the asset’s condition can be used as an input into asset consumption, renewal programs and risk assessments.