TBG Consulting Pty Ltd

1319The Business

A consulting firm specialising in lifecycle asset management supporting Odysseus-imc Pty Ltd and Impact IMC.

The business brings fresh ideas to the realm of strategic asset management enabling clients and the industry in the long term to examine these ideas and embrace a new perspective and direction than initially adopted within the industry. This supports asset management philosophy in that the asset management is growing from an engineered approach to infrastructure management to a more business focus enabling input from multiple sources within the busines world.

For large commissions it can draw on other specialists including Odysseus- imc, Impact IMC and Cambia Consulting who hold the same beliefs and values in respect of the importance of asset management. The businees also represents a new model in the industry being a network of specialists with their own businesses coming together as the need arises to provide clients with a multitude of varying experience that together optimises the delivery of asset management support and ultimately service delivery.

Business Objectives

  • Provide strategic asset management support to clients
  • Enhance the industry by providing fresh ideas and a philosophy that allows the industry to grow
  • Provide a new perspective to clients allowing them to grow outside the realm of traditional engineering into a more business focussed approach to asset management
  • Provide clients with fresh ideas moving asset management into a new domain
  • Grow a business that provides a multitude of asset management services to a large range of clients acrossa variety of industries
Contact Details

207 Somerton Park Road,
Sale, Victoria, Australia 3850
Mobile: +61 419 342 193
E-mail: tbg@odysseus-imc.com.au
ABN: 44 375 507 610