Optimised Decision Making

Optimised Decision Making

This is a complex field of asset management requiring a sound understanding of asset management principles and economic analysis. Fortunately we have this understanding. Our people have undertaken several ODM analysis in the past including distribution and supply pipelines for water infrastructure as well as the analysis of stormwater drains and port assets.

Sandy Muir was a principal author of the “Optimised Decision Making” Manual released in Australia and New Zealand by the IPWEA and Ingenium in 2005. As such the analysis we undertake complies with these guidelines. We have developed leading edge tools that support ODM analysis and provide our clients with the basics necessary to improve their understanding of the most appropriate options and timing of these options.

We will assist you to develop the ODM framework and supporting processes necessary to support ODM. We can provide the tools required to do the analysis.

We cam assist you with either NPV or multi-criteria analysis. For the analysis to be effective relies on quality asset data. We provide advice to our clients on the required data and the actions involved to obtain this data. We provide the support necessary to allow our clients to progress the through the analysis and become informed in the use of ODM.

If you are considering undertaking an ODM analysis, please call us to obtain the advice necessary to help you proceed.