Welcome to this Ground Breaking Research Project. “Ground Breaking” as it is the first of its kind and will be across industries. All posts will be located on this page to keep you up to date on the project.

This project is a joint project between Odysseus-imc and Corporate GIS

About the Project

The project is about identifying the outputs and supporting processes required for an organisation to achieve the best use of their systems jointly. The project will therefore address Best Practice, what it is at the moment and who is doing it, so that all participants will have access through networking to this information.

In addition you will receive: 
An Industry report from the outcomes regarding the use of both systems; integrated or otherwise.
A report on your current status based on responses with a Roadmap providing direction as to where they want to head in the future and how to get there using both systems.
In addition there is the Best Practice Forum which will introduce you to people using both systems well from within the participants and also outside of the group.
Networking with other participants both in your position and advanced users of both systems.

We have invited participants from all across the country including other industries being:

• Water
• Power
• Telecommunications
• Ports
• Rail
• Local Government

We are hoping this will provide a mix of experience across the industries.

Anyone implementing an AMS and GIS should benefit from this project.

Project Timeline

It is intended that the timeline will be as follows depending on the number of authorities involved:

March to end of April – Recruitment of Authorities

May – Supporting documentation provided to assist authorities. identifying where workshops to be held
Industry Report Content development 
Individual Report Content development

June – Workshops
Brief authorities on process
Agree Objectives
Survey Development, Planning and Testing

July – Start the project
Finalise survey 
Provide detailed methodology

Aug – Sept
Authorities to complete survey
Corporate GIS and Odysseus provide survey 
support. Also monitor authority progress

Oct – Nov
Compilation of results
Analysis of results
Production of Industry report
Production of Individual reports
Production of individual roadmaps

Conference planning

Two day Best Practice Conference
Indicative Agenda
– Networking
– Defining best practice
– Presentation of Results
– Demonstrations from organisations on Best 
– Demonstrations from outside organisations
– Panel & workshop – Audience questions

Our Respective Roles

We have had some queries regarding the amount of effort required by the participants and the role we will undertake during the project. This is outlined below.

Participant’s Role
The participants role will be to:
• Attend workshop/Briefing sessions
• Review the survey
• Complete the survey (which may require more than one officer to answer particular questions)
• Potentially discuss details of your issues with the AMS/GIS based on your survey answers
• Attend the conference at the end of the year (Location to be decided & dependent on the mix of participants)

Corporate GIS and Odysseus role is detailed in the project timeline, however in summary is as follows:
• Recruit authorities
• Identify and book locations for workshops/briefing sessions
• Develop documentation include presentations, workshop/briefing material
• Develop and test survey (Over internet)
• Provide support to authorities during survey response
• Develop Industry report
• Develop Individual reports
• Develop Individual Roadmaps
• Identify location and book Conference venue
• Develop conference material
• Identify organisations to demonstrate best practice within the group
• Identify organisations to demonstrate best practice outside the group
• General administration for organising the workshop/Briefing sessions and conference venue and updating the Facebook site

We are at this stage hoping that all interaction will be by phone, email or at the workshop/Briefing sessions and the Conference.