Improvement Planning

Improvement Planning

Odysseus-imc’s strategic planning consultants help organisations enhance operations to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and their clients.

An important and essential aspect of asset management is knowing what functions to improve, the resources required, and the time it will take to achieve “appropriate” practice. Without this plan, achieving the desired outcome in an appropriate timeframe is most unlikely.

Improvement planning takes time, resources and, above all, a corporate commitment. Improving in one section of an organisation provides some benefits; however, without the improvement across the organisation, many of the issues that are faced on a daily basis will continue.

In establishing an improvement plan, our strategic planning consultants help organisations draw a line in the sand that establishes current practice. This will take into consideration all asset-management functions, from strategic planning through to operations, and will incorporate a review of existing processes, systems and data.

A gap analysis is undertaken which, as the name suggests, identifies the gap between current practice and “appropriate” practice.

Once the gap or gaps have been identified, the strategic planning consultant develops an improvement plan with the aim to reduce the gaps in an acceptable timeframe. The timeframe will vary depending on the organisation’s capacity to resource or fund the improvement.

After an improvement plan has been agreed upon, processes need to be established to implement, monitor and report on the plan as well as market the successes along the way.

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