Government / Council Asset Management

Odysseus-imc offers a full range of state government and local council asset management services, including:

  • Asset management systems and strategies
  • Condition inspections of infrastructure
  • Asset valuations
  • Risk management
  • Improvement planning
  • Infrastructure management
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Maintenance management
  • Business process reviews
  • Due diligence

Victorian councils manage approximately $73 billion of community assets and infrastructure including buildings, roads, land, parks and gardens, bridges, and drains. Each year, they will spend over $2 billion in maintenance, renewal and replacement of their assets.

Ineffective council asset management can have a direct impact on local communities, resulting in higher rates, poor-quality service, and a general inability to meet the demand for services. It can also lead to future generations inheriting a greater financial burden.

The consultants at Odysseus-imc have the experience to design a council asset management strategy that’s focused on achieving the optimal balance between risk, cost and performance. We understand the ever-evolving challenges presented by council assets, and help our clients navigate this shifting landscape to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their communities.

For more information on our council asset management services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.