1367Enigma is a sophisticated high level renewal tool that allows the user to review the impacts of funding on the networks overall condition. It achieves this by apportioning the total infrastructure base across the range of condition 1(As New) to 5(Requires Replacement). It also provides the outcomes of future capital and maintenance requirements based on the selected level of funding over a 25 year period.

The model takes into consideration the deterioration of the assets over time and the level of capital funding to identify the impacts on the condition of the asset portfolio. The model uses the current spread of maintenance expenditure across the condition range to identify the future maintenance requirements over the 25 years as the asset portfolio condition changes. In this way the model links the impacts of capital expenditure to the future maintenance requirements.

The primary output is an understanding of the:

  • Impact of the future funding on the asset portfolio’s condition over time;
  • Comparison of the funding against the no investment option;
  • Lifecycle expenditure requirement over the 25 year timeframe;
  • Trends in changes in condition every 5 years; and
  • Comparison of the asset portfolio condition against desired key performance indicators.

Unlike other models, this model provides instantaneous results allowing the user to undertake sensitivity analysis in a short period of time before deciding on the final funding strategy.