Condition Assessments

Condition Assessments

If you require condition assessments of infrastructure, we can assist you to design the condition framework that provides you with the best possible outcomes.

When structured properly, condition assessments can do more than provide you with a list of works. If the condition framework is structured appropriately, the assessment outcomes can input into:

  • Works programming
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Risk management
  • Asset accounting

We can develop an organisation-wide condition framework in the form of condition guidelines to be applied across the asset groups in a consistent manner. In addition, we gain the involvement of the operators to develop the definitions. This not only obtains buy-in, it ensures that the people on the ground have definitions that they own and therefore are able to undertake the assessments based on their own words.

In providing the condition framework, we tie in the data framework and asset hierarchy so that business rules are developed to support the condition assessment process.

Odysseus-imc can either project manage or undertake the condition assessments for you. We will ensure that the assessment process provides you with a sound outcome and will assist you to use the information in the most effective manner.